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A Look Inside Pro Ag Services

Pro Ag Services was founded by Tom Scott in 1994 and developed quite a reputation for exceptional, personalized service in that time. Scott stayed on as a sales rep when he passed the agency on to Philip Zimmer in 2019, and Pro Ag Services has continued to build on that reputation.

Zimmer is a fourth-generation farmer who, along with his brother, produces corn, soybeans, and wheat while also raising beef cattle and hogs. “I know what it takes to farm,” he says. “So I enjoy helping other farmers with their operations.”

Pro Ag Services offers a wide range of services, from field scouting and planting to seed treatment and crop insurance and more. “Customers like the fact that we take an interest in their farms beyond the bag,” says Zimmer. “And I like the day-to-day interaction with every customer, all year long.”

Philip Zimmer
Philip Zimmer

Sales Rep


Tom Scott
Tom Scott

Sales Rep


Pioneer Sales Representatives in Western Ohio

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